Maschine learning the game based way

Machine learning is one of the most promising topics in modern computer science, which is exactly the reason why we teach it in our Gamedesign-Classes. 
Unfortunately, machine learning also requires a profound understanding of rather advanced and abstract mathematics, which can sometimes be quite frustrating for students.
However, we used the game “while True: learn()” to serve as an introduction into this complicated topic. “While True: learn()”is a computer game that gives students an insight in how machine learning works and what it can be used for.
Needless to say, we won’t get a job as actual data scientists at Google just by playing this game, but it nonetheless helps us to develop an intuitive understanding of how neural networks are set up, why they are set up in that way and what they can be used for without immersing too deep into the depths of the mathematical abyss that is associated with machine learning.
Well prepared with an intuitive understanding of neural networks from “while True: learn()”, we are going to face the next challenge in the coming weeks:

Understanding the abstract mathematics behind machine learning.

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